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Anker Charger for iPhones and Android

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Is you are looking for the best charger for your smartphone after the original one was goes off or you want to try another charger instead the original smartphone one then we are brought up the best charger for you. That’s is anker charger mostly of you Knows about the anker chargers before or if you aren’t then here you’ll getting about them. Anker charger are the most preferred or trusted chargers at the market. That are most reliable charger for Android as well as iPhones. Or it’s can cheaper then original smartphones brands chargers but not in quality.

Is anker charger is good for iPhone ?

As when we talk for iPhone then everyone thought that we can’t use another brands accessories with iPhones that can damage the device so for that you’re right but isn’t meant that there is no brand that can be compatible with iPhones that false. Anker charger which Comes for iPhone are reliable or working. So, if you had lost your iPhone’s original changer then you can go for anker charger it’s can be cheaper then iPhones or not as if you wanna a charger for iPhone 8 or lower then there you can caught some cheap charger in Anker. So, we can conclude that Anker charger are most compatible charger for iPhones after the original ones.

Anker charger for Android

If you’re android user or you listened term anker charger or thought about that only comes for iPhone then you’re wrong. Anker charger are also comes for android as well as iPhones we mentioned it before. There you can go for anker charger for your android smartphones. Not to worry about the quality of anker charger these are awesome quality.

Until we discussed about the quality now it’s time for the best anker chargers for iPhones or Android. There you’ll find the list of some anker charger for iPhones or Android that can be budget friendly or best in quality.

Anker charger for iPhone or Android

1) Anker Nano

PRICE:- $ 45/- or 3,399 ( Inr )

That’s the best charger of anker because of it’s specs. It can provide maximum charge to iphone 12 or it Also charges the 3x faster in compare to the original one which comes of 5w output according to anker.


• 30W fast charging
• Smaller in size

It’s a USB-C to C charger means you can charge only smartphone which supports USB-C in Android it charge pixel or samsung newly smartphone. So, older Android phone couldn’t be charge up with that charger.

If you are a user of mostly Apple products like iPhones or iPads then you can charge both of them.

2) Anker dual port charger

Price :- $ 23.99 or 1,796 INR

This one comes with the 2 charging port through you can able to charge to smartphone at the same time that saves the time or reduce the chargers in your house.


• 30w fast charging
• USB-C or standard USB port
• Small in size

With that charger there you can charge two smartphone simultaneously. There iPhone charge with USB-C output of 18w or USB-A with output of 12w. With that charger you can charge iPhone 11 or in Android Samsung smartphone or another brands which support USB-A

Through that charger it saves the time or storage as there is no need of two another charger for iPhone or Android there it can charge both of them with fast speed of safely with it’s superior safety for you and your device.

There is the two best charger for iPhone users as well as for android one. These charger we can say a quiet budget friendly as if we see it features then it’s really nice.

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As world develops day-by-day leads to future then here wireless charging is the future of technology in charging. Now at the time people started to use wireless charging as well as the others accessories like earphones, speaker, or some more. So, if you haven’t try wireless charger even you have a device which is made to compatible with wireless charging although nowadays every flagship smartphone comes with wireless charging.

Anker wireless charger

Anker is one of the best brand for the charger of Smartphone or other devices. While the maker of smartphone puts the support of wireless charging then how anker can be behind. Anker also developed the wireless charger as they built the wired one with the high quality.

Is you have a smartphone which supports wireless charging but you didn’t still use it. As for the original smartphone brands cost much for it. So anker made it.

Apple and Samsung, OnePlus, Vivo and OPPO such android smartphone brands also support wireless charging new ones mostly.

Anker wireless charger for iPhone or Android

1) Anker wireless pad 5

Price :- $19 or 1,399 INR

That’s the standard wireless charger mostly any wireless smartphone can charge with that charger. Neither matters is iPhone or Android condition is wireless must support.


• 5w ( 30 minutes faster from the usual 5w charger)
• Charge through 5mm case
• Overheating protection

Wireless pad 5 have a simple or elegant design there is circular base for charging smartphones. Not have any other features unless It’s charge smartphone wireless perfectly.

There you can charge iphone 8 or iPhone X all series iphone and Other android smartphone such as samsung S9 , S8 or vivo 35 and so on which compatible for wireless charging.

That’s can be a good option for anyone who just wanna to try wireless charger but stopped because of the cost is too much. So, that can be a best for you Anker wireless charger. It’s not so expensive it comes under mostly in budget.

2) Anker charging stand

Price :- $ 33 or 2,499 INR

Now if you are looking for the fast wireless charger which consumed less time to fully charged your device or smartphone then Anker wireless charger 10w can be perfect one. As it have many advanced features in compare to pad 5 or it’s design also different.


• 10w fast charging
• overheating protection
• Charge both in orientation (landscape or portrait)
• Charge through 5mm case

That Anker wireless charger is designed as like the stand through you can place your smartphone or other device which supports. It can acquire the 80% smartphone area while place in potrait.

Either iPhone or Android can be compatible with that anker wireless charger it doesn’t matter is you are iphone users of android.

With that charger you can watch movie or videos horizontally as its support either horizontal or vertical. That can be use as like the stand while your device is connected with charging.

Here we goes over all type of Anker changer either wired or wireless. There if you looking or trying another brand charger instead of the smartphone brands charger then Anker is for you from both perspective as in quality or budget.

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