Best free password manager for Android, iOS and P.C 2021

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Every time you have a complaint for forgotten password or many times forgot the password of some important thing which have a specific role in your daily life or many times you worried to setup the password. For that we are Getting best free password manager where you can kept the password which really important for you most of the list are free or few can paid.

Many people started getting problem to setup password as they wouldn’t set the difficult password due to agitation of forgotten password so there were pick the easy password such as 123456, Password, Their Names or much more these easy password are get hack by the hacker so, remember never set the easiest password like that or if you go for the difficult one sometimes you forgot for that there are solutions.

Is password manager are safe to use ?

If we talk about that password managers are safe or we can trust on them to saves are ours in. So, that’s we can’t able to believe on free password managers. Now come to the query we can trust upon the some premium password manager which serves there service from a long period or they makes a trust within the users.

Password are safe from hacker in Managers ?

Premium Password Manager are highly secure means keeps your password secure from the hacker that why we can’t go for the free ones because these security can be easy to crack by the hacker but if we talk for premium ones which have high security then it’s too hard for hacker crack it.

There are we goes up for best free password manager means there you can gets a free trial of the premium password managers get first try the trial or would you like it then gets the paid version.

  1. LastPass
  2. Dashlane
  3. Bitwarden
  4. NordPass
  5. MYki


That’s one of the most popular or trusted password manager by millions of people around the globe. Many people Knows about the LastPass but never goes to use it. With the password manager it will Easy to gets all your password whenever you want within the seconds it can uphold all the password which were added in it.

There are many other features along with upholds the password let’s check out all of them.

• Log in and Go

By that there if you saved any website password in LastPass then if you log again then you wouldn’t have to need check out the password it will log deliberately and saves the time.

• Strong Password Maker

In LastPass if haven’t getting any password then you can go for password generator it generates the really difficult password which hard to crack by the hacker or saves it for further login as it works.

• More than Password

In LastPass there you can store others item as like insurance card , credit card , Membership , important notes, files or WiFi password that’s cools to stores all your important data in a single place which you can access from anywhere.

• Dark web monitoring

That’s an advanced features which alerts you if there is any kind of data breaches form your data store which is in LastPass. That’s secure much from to hacking your account or keeps the password.

Wanting the LastPass then just go for that and gets the 1 Month free trail which satisfied you or if not then it would be charged until the month is complete.


Most of the time when we taking for best password manager then we can’t asides the dashlane which is best or gives the all the features you should have to. As like the LastPass dashlane is another password manager which serves much more features along with password manager or some are really good.

For that we check out all the features of the dashlane.

• Auto Fill Ups

By store your password or in dashlane due to the fear of forgotten then another time if you log into the website which password is saved in dashlane then it will fill ups all the details not to do manually.

• Built for privacy

There it will alerts you Is it found something is unusual is happening or data breaches and tells how to solve the problem occurs.

• Data Is YouRs

Dashlane said that they weren’t seen your data only the user have to see their data save in it or they also said we didn’t Stores our usres data or sella it for the money as like the other tech companies.

• Data Yours we secure

Dashlane will secure all your data which is stored in it or doesn’t matter which kind of data in it. They secure the data with high security for gives the better or relaxing service to their users.

• More than Password

As like the LastPass there you can also store your credit card, insurance or much more credentials in it which you can use whenever or anywhere.

1-Month free trial is available for you which gives all the premium features to you for free of cost.


Many communities or a big group uses bitwarden because it much secure or serves themselves in the field of digital storage from a long time. Many groups or community having trust or it or bitwarden create it by their works or strength to gives to our users.

Bitwarden have a thinking that everyone should have access password managing tool that why it serves the free account which can access by the only admin or 1 person account. It can be best free password manager as provide for free.

Let’s check out the features of bitwarden

• Trusted Security

All the data or password saves in bitwarden are (E2E) which means there none can seen your data even bitwarden can’t see the material store in that.

• Multiple Platform

With that feature you can access your account with any device neither matters it’s Smartphone nor desktop or Other smart devices. Through it you wouldn’t have to be afraid to bring the original device to access.

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NordPass is another best choice for your if you wanna the password manager as many people didn’t know that Nord is have NordPass mostly people Knows it VPN which is listed as the amazing vpn called NordVPN

With NordPass you can manage all your password accross the internet which website credentials are filled in it. There are few more amazing features of NordPass let’s check all of them.

• Login with Tap

There it can be store the password of any kind of website accross the internet or another time if try to login in that which is saved it can access by one tap that the fast feature of it.

• Upholds More items

In NordPass there you can stores notes, Address, credit card or some other documents which can be access by you anytime or anywhere.

• Unlock with Biometric

For making more secure the password or credentials For unlocked the App NordPass Biometric like Fingerprint or Face ID. Through that biometric features none can access NordPass easily unless You.


It’s not popular app as like the another app but it doesn’t meant it’s not a good app. MYKi allows you to holds up much more than the password as its have the basic thing of that app is security.

There are much features are in MYKi check out now

• Cloud-less storage

That’s a feature through it wouldn’t stores your password or other material in their cloud they stores the data in the user’s device locally. It makes hard to hacker to caught the data.

• Login accross devices

It allows you to access the password or other material which is stored in MYKi app by installing the app in the device on which you want to access just by biometric to access the MYKi app

• Grant login request

By allowing the MYKi app to with your browser or desktop then if you try to login in any account form desktop or browser it will notify you through MYKi app that you can allow or revoked the request. It makes more safer and take the privacy more private.

• More than Password

As like the other MYKi gives you to store others material too which can be accessed online such as Govt. Docs , Credit card, Notes etc.

So, still further we talk or knows some best free password manager means some serves for free or few cost after giving the service for a Month.

Now you wouldn’t have to be worries for the password to forget them just savea into the password manager or feels unforgettable.

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