Best software for programming | Beginners or Advanced 2021

If want to learn coding and easily runs code in your laptop or PC for that you have to use a software which is mainly made for learning coding so, for that there are some best software for programming through you can developed any type of software or fewer code editor support most programming language such as python, HTML, Java or etc..

There are many code editor available in the market but all are the not best for us. So, you have to choose best Code editor for learning coding.

What is Code editor ?

Everyone knows about coding but if wants to learn coding so that you have find a code editor in which you have learn and run the code.

What are best code editor or beginners ?

There are many code editor available on the internet but if you want to learn coding. You have to choose that code editor which suitable and comfortable for you while learn and runs the code.

Don’t worry guys I am making a list of best 5 software programming ( code editor ) which is helps to learn coding easily.

This list made by our team while discussing all the best features of these software programming ( code editor)

May this list vary from other search web. So, don’t wasting our time let’s have look on these software programming which helps you to learn coding.


1) Notepad++

It’s one of the most simple and easy to use code editor for the beginners. The interface of Notepad++ simple and comfortable but the bad thing about this code editor that only limited features are available in this software program.

Notepad++ only works in Windows and Linux not supported Mac. but its very simple to learn for a beginners.

Those who used Mac they can’t use this code editor for them you have to choose another one.

2) Brackets

Brackets it a open source code editor in that there are many unique features available that helps you editing codes in software program.

This code editor mainly made for fronter coder and the main importance for making this code editor for web designing.

If you works on these languages HTML, CSS, Java then it’s code editor for you and in this code editor live preview feature also available that helps you to want understand what you do with your codes.

It can works in all devices Like Windows, Linux and Mac.

The disadvantage of this code editor that it’s work slowly because it’s java script based code editor.

3) Atom

Atom code editor it’s a GitHub project but now it owned by the Microsoft. The ownership Atom take over by Microsoft.

It’s one of the best code editor you can also customize this code editor as your easiness.

You know that it’s a GitHub project so that GitHub integrated in it. Those whose GitHub for versal control so it could be best code for you.

There are many features available from basic to advanced level. The most interesting thing about you can used it in all devices like Windows, Linux and Mac.

4) Sublime text

Sublime text it’s one of the most popular code editor which is used by many coder. There many unique features available in this code editor that are not available in other code editor.

The best thing that it’s available in free version as well as paid version. If you students I suggest you to use free version and if you are professional you can buy it paid version

It working in all devices like Windows Linux and Mac.

The unique feature about Sublime text that you can select multiple tab in it.

The disadvantage about Sublime text is that pop ups ads shown on the screen while learning code. Only pop ups Come in free version. Paid version free of ads.

5) Visual Studio Code

Generally coder called this code editor as VS Code and it’s a Microsoft Azure product.

Maximum coder use this software programming code editor because it’s work very fast and easy to use. You can customise this code editor with your own easiness.

In this Visual Studio Code you will find that GitHub already integrated.

This Code editor compatible for all devices like Windows, Linux, Mac and many more.

Visual studio Code available free as well as paid version.

There are multiple of extensions and plugins are available for all who have free or paid.

If we talking about it’s features there many unique features available in this code editor which helps you to make better understanding with this code editor.

Now, it’s your turn that which software programming code editor you have choose. All the code editor are unique and best which can make your a better coder.

Don’t worry about anything because I covered best Code editor from basic to advance level.

My request to all the coder that you have to use all the code editor one by one and that code editor compatible and good for you.

You can choose them start to work from that Code editor.

If you have query related to these Code editor you can comment below. We will help you to solve your queries.

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