Best thumbnail maker for Youtube of 2021

That’s a very basic thing for the youtube user who creates videos for their amazing ideas or skills through they gets the appreciate from the viewer. But there is an another important thing that is too important for the Youtuber they makes their videos full of Skills , Knowledge or more but still didn’t get the much more as aspects. This can be due to unattractive thumbnail which the first impression of Your video that matters to the Content. That Problem occurs with many Youtubers they didn’t create a attractive thumbnail but having a good content video to solving that issue we brings best Youtube thumbnail maker Apps.

Are Youtube thumbnail important or matters ?

It’s a very common questions comes in the every creator of youtube that quality or attractive thumbnail are really matter or helps to engaging the users to our content then in short word we can said that it matters most. A attractive thumbnail brings you to more viewers in compare to the just a thumbnail without having any attraction. Video thumbnail must be attractive with telling about the video or user first sees the thumbnail unless read the title.

In final words Quality thumbnail brings more viewers.

For that here we are coming up with best youtube thumbnail maker app check out.

There are 5 Apps we chosen For You

  1. Thumbnail Maker
  2. Art Maker
  3. PicsArt
  4. Canva
  5. Adobe Spark

1. Thumbnail Maker

It’s a very simple or easy to use app for creating an amazing attractive thumbnail for your videos. That a free thumbnail maker app for Youtube there are enough features which can be needed to create an attractive thumbnail with different type of arts font, background or etc. With it there is very easy to create the amazing thumbnail for your without much efforts.

It’s have many features in that app so, there we are getting to know about fewer features through you would go for it.

Features :-

• No watermark
• Text On image ( Multi-fonts)
• Huge variety of Background
• Awesome Stickers
• Adjustable dimensions
• Authentic effect

If you haven’t a good grip upon the creativity then not to worry about it. That app will help you to create a thumbnail as like the tutorial you will get when try to use it. So, that a complete app for thumbnail maker for Youtube with advanced features. Beginners mostly like it.

2. Art Maker

For making the attractive thumbnail for Youtube we have another one best for you that is Art maker. Many of You know it before or who didn’t getting know it.

Art Maker app is complete app for making thumbnail for any kind of purpose it doesn’t design to only focusing single topin it’s a multi topic thumbnail maker. With it create thumbnail for Youtube, Facebook Banner or much more.

Also Check it :- Intro Maker for youtube

There you can adjust the dimensions or it prefixed dimensions for Youtube or Facebook then it gives the exact dimensions that is necessary for Youtube thumbnail.

Let’s sights our some features of Art maker

• Photo Collage
• Text On images ( with thousands of text design)
• Trending Sticker
• 100+ Fonts with effect

By using Art Maker app with adding your skills in the creativity makes it most stunning.

3. Canva

Canva can be a bright call for making thumbnail For Youtube with in high quality features but it clear first it’s not a free app to use that paid app. Must to purchase the subscribtion according to your work or not much expensive a quiet one. Or there is also a free versions but have limitations.

With Canva you can much more thing along to create thumbnail if you are also have a page on instagram then you’ll love it lot. Canva helps you to create logos , Graphic video or IG Post.

Canva is the choice of most professional Youtuber or Instagram User who have the much followed pages for their creativity they call Canva and done a amazing creativity.

It’s a Multi tasking App from creating a thumbnail to making a IG Post or logo Maker. So, to Canva we can Say a Complete creativity package in Your hand.

4. PicsArt

That is one of the most popular app among the user who having a work of creativity such as editing mostly for photos. This App also be use as to make a youtube thumbnail with numerous features which took to your thumbnail to attraction.

PicsArt is the best app for photo editing in smartphone there you can done much more alonge with creating a thumbnail. It’s have different types of filter, sticker, Remover object or fewer..


• Adjust dimension
• 400+ Filters
• Thousands Free Background
• 1000+ stylish sticker Free

5. Adobe Spark

There are many of you didn’t know that there are any software is developed by the adobe which are used to create thumbnail in smartphone. For that there you can find the adobe Spark through to create attractive thumbnail will be easier as much you can want it can.

Adobe Spark allows you to create many cover photos such as for Youtube Facebook or other social media platform as well as..

In Adobe Spark it gives you many template through there you can make thumbnail as per your video niche easily just by searh out the templates on adobe Spark.

We can Say that adobe stock is partially paid app means it also allows you to free access of the Adobe Spark with some limitations undoubtedly not have to access all over the features of that app.


With these apps there you can create amazing attractive thumbnail with easily you don’t have to worry about
that is you not having such a grip on the editing then, these apps are much easier then you can think. some of these
apps are free to use or few are paid so, if you are the beginners then just use the free ones. By creating the
attractive thumbnail there you’ll see the difference your audience. Thumbnail have much more effect expert also says
that attractive thumbnail is primary way to engage the audience because the viewer first see the thumbnail before go for the video therefore, try to shows the thumbnail tells about the video.

There we have examine and find out the some ways for you which can be beneficial to creating an attarctive thumbnail

1) Always try to show your content on your thumbnail that also recommended by professional
2) Use different types of things which attract the audience such as Tag line, sticker or etc.
3) While creating the thumbnail remember to use the trending sticker , PNGs or other things too.
4) Try to create a clean thumbnail not a messy thumbnail clean thumbnail engage the people most.

These are few points try to remember them while you are creating thumbnail for your youtube videos or other
cover for social media platform.

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