Body hair trimmer for men 2021; cheapest trimmer ever

 trimmer for men

There are many types of trimmer comes in the market but its important to understand which is best for your skin for that we are found out some best body hair trimmer for men.

Basically we focus trimmer for men body hair. Men have private parts which very sensitive that we thought in mind and best trimmer for the men which is best for all body parts.

Some peoples have normal skin, sensitive skin,. Dry skin, scaly skin etc. So whenever you have to decide trimmer for your body firstly check it that trimmer comfortable for your body.

Whenever you choose a trimmer then you have to check that specifications in that trimmers.

1) Trimmer blade should be sharp and smooth which protects skin from Nicks and cuts

2) Comfortable for your skin

3) Best grip to handle trimmer

4) Easy to use for all body parts

5) Trimmer should be showerproof which prevents slipping in showers.

There are many criteria on which trimmer specification depends. We cover all the important points that must be in all trimmer for best experience which trimming.

That trimmers which we coverd in this post have best for your skin and easy to use.

Keeping in mind we also list only budgetable trimmer that are not very costly. We know all types of men live in society so, that’s why we cover trimmer from lower to higher range but don’t worry all the trimmers have of best quality.

Without wasting more time let’s check body hair trimmer for men 2021

Zlade Ballistic

It’s mainly designed for the men that use to trim private parts. The name of trimmer clearly indicates that this trimmer purely for men.

You can also use this trimmer also for Beard, Body, Head and Public Hair.

Zlade Ballistic have detachable Ceramic blades.

Overview :-

Zlade Ballistic trimmer designed ceramic blade Glazer head and also replaceable Glazer head. Its designed to prevent vexation and cubs

Zlade Ballistic comes with the 1 year warranty and it’s rechargeable. The running time is 60 minutes after charging and also battery indicator available and comes with 5V/ DC USB port input.

In the box

Charging cord
Cleaning oil
9mm & 12mm guide combs
3mm & 6 mm guide combs
Guide menu

Philips BG1025/15

Philips lenient trimmer designed basically for the sensitive body parts. It mainly helps to remove unwanted hairs from body areas smoothly without any Nicks and cuts. The best benefits of this Philip trimmer is that there is no tension of changing blades regularly because the blades are made long lasting used for many years.

It’s also comes with bidirectional blades cut hairs in any direction. Wet and dry fully washable, easy to clean. Cutter comes with 32mm width also added shower cord.

Battery powered by AA and includes 3 AA batteries.

Philips trimmer have come 2 year warranty from the date of purchasing.

Bakshave :- Back hair removal and body shaver

This is one of best trimmer which mainly to made for removing back hair easily and comfortably without anyone help.

This Bakshave come with S shape handle which is give you convient feel while doing shaving your back and shoulders.

While using this body Shaver you have to change the blade after a shave because it’s blade changeable.

The best thing about this Body shaver that you carry easily while your travelling anywhere around the world because it can be easily foldable. There no reason to not shaved your back perfectly.

Havells BG6001

This is also one of best body hair trimmer for sensitive areas of your body. It can used for both Shaving as well as removal pubic hair.

Havells make this trimmer for both men as well as for women.

It’s battery operated trimmer and Duracell comes in the box. 30 minutes run time of trimmer after charging. Havells trimmer made Bi directional comb that you can easily cut and catch hair even grows in any directions.

3 comb comes in this Havells trimmer once is 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 3 mm for best clean trimming experience from this trimmer.

The Havells trimmer is easy to used and also ipx4 washable system which is protects from minor drops of water. This trimmer comes with 2 year warranty

In the box

Havells trimmer
3 combs
1 Duracell battery
Cleaning brush
Instruction Manual


This is best versatile trimming kit by the syska company. Not only versatile by the name versatile by the work also because it can used to Nose and hair grooming

This trimmer mainly made for those who likely to change their beard look monthly. Syska trimmer comes with 10 different lengths settings for the beard.

Its made ergonomic design to give better gripping while trimming your beard. The blades of this trimmer made of stainless steel which protects you from any Nicks and cuts.

Syska trimmer running time is 60 minutes after charging. There is also a led light which is indicates the percentage of battery in the trimmer.

In the box

Beard Trimmer
Stubble Comb
Nose/Ear Hair attachment
Precision Trimmer attachment
Travel Pouch
Cleaning Brush
User Manual cum Warranty Card

These are the best Body hairy trimmer for men. You can check the list choose for you which best and comfortable for your skin

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