How to customize google search widget on android in 2021

In android smartphone or other such device like Tablets are comes up with the Google pre-installed in it. As Google search engine such a most popular or familiar with Millions of people. Now you can find the Google search widget on your Android smartphone there it’s a very easy way to change or makes more creative which or suits to you on your smartphone home display. Accordingly to what’s likes You..

That’s a features allows us to by the Google to change the Google search widget accordingly as you like most but mostly people didn’t know about that yet while using Google for a long term. So, just learn how to customise Google widget on Android in fewer steps or shares it with your family or friends thus, they can be do that or make the Google more pretty on the home display.

How to customize Google widgets on Android

Just click on the Google icon which is on the corner of the search widget then you’ll be home of Google search.

Now Go for the more which you can find on the left side in the corner of the bottom then click on it.

Just after it there you can find the customize widgets feature in the last of the first block now go ahead it.

After clicking on it you’ll be on the dashboard where you can customize Google search widget accordingly to You just start doing to makes it more pretty then before.

Learn the Dashboard features of Google widget customizer

There are 4 thing to do for creating Google search widget more creative let’s start with first one which is For Google ‘logo’

• By click on the first option for customise Google widget that is Google’s logo which you can choose which suit you most as it’s all yours customization.

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• Next one of bar shape of the search just select the You prefers.

• Another one is Bar color which is the best part of that customization there are white , black to do or choose colors from the color picker Not to worry for the color.

• Last one is tha opacity of the bar or Google search widget with that You can adjust how’s much Google search should be appears on my home display.

Through it you done up the Google widget customization with fun or makes your home display more attractive or suits to you. By doing it there you can changes the customization when you think I have another colors I mind the just take it on the Google search widget it always be on Service.

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