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If you are looking around for gb whatsapp app download for android then now finally you got that one right now. gb whatsapp app download for android is now available for you in the latest version so, if your are the older users of gb whatapp or older one wasn’t working properly then that one is perfect for you that the latest version of gb whatsapp app download for android. As we know that it’s the extra version of whatsapp which have more features in comparison to the original whatsapp if you agree to use the gb whatapp for more features or as you are the older users of gb whatapp then you all about the gb whatapp all if you are new one then check out the features of gb whatsapp app download for android..

Gb whatsapp app have extras features as we know about that or now in the latest 6of gb whatapp there are some other features are added in gb whatapp let’s check out the new features or the older features of gb whatapp
Gb whatapp features
Auto reply:- that features will allow you to that gb whatapp will automatically reply to your friends at any time or you can set up more to reply how to or what should be reply as you want..
Message filter:- through that features you can filter the message as done with your friends as in any particular groups..
Anti – repeal message:- That is the most important feature of gb whatapp or 70% users download gb whatapp only for that feature so, let’s now about that features.
This feature allows you to hide the blue tick which means if you read your friends message he/she didn’t know that you read his message because he/she didn’t see blue tick so, you can read you friends message or he/she didn’t know about that is you read message send form them… 
No double tick wouldn’t ne shown to your friends if he/she send message to you that means he/she didn’t know about that his message was reached to you or not but you read his message or no blue tick wouldn’t ne shown to your friends..
  Do not disturbe:- in gb whatapp you can also enable do not disturbe features through if you are using another apk instead of gb whatapp then you wouldn’t get any message from your friends at the time when you enable dnd after you disable then all the
Share live location :- This is one of the best feature in the gb whatapp that you can share your live location. It’s very helpful to find anyone from this feature. It’s actually work like the original whatsapp but we mentioned that feature because that’s a very useful feature as we know that.
Amazing effects:- that feature is use when you send pictures or videos to your friends that feature adds amazing effects whle you sending photos or videos to you friends. Or through that features your photo or video will looks amazing or cool and shocked to your friends.. how did you do that..
(New) Theme :- as what did I said before starting to know the features of gb whatapp that we are going to know all features of gb Whatsapp if it’s was the older or the new one so, themes is newly feature add. In the new version of gb whatapp there are amazing or fantastic theme or emojis are added or these emojis are added there are have more hd quality in comparison to the older version or the orginal Whatsapp so, you can apply amazing theme to your whatsapp as you wish or what type of thinking you thought that which theme will be more looks cool..

Status downloadable:- in gb whatapp you can ablw to download anyone status easily only in one tap or it doesn’t means that status wouldn’t be download in low quality status will be download in high quality as it the quality of the status… Or downloaded status will be stored in your internal storage..
Messaging history:- that feature is very useful for them who wants that what did someone text him or delete before seeing him so, you can also check the deleted messages then you can seen anyone message what did they delete..
Multi fonts:- in gb whatapp there are many amazing fonts that so, if you are fatigued with the older fonts then now you can use different or amazing font that will really nice to see or looks something new.. or amazing..


 Image in High resolution:– with gb whatsapp you can send the images in high resolution images wouldn’t be reduced it’s quality if you send through gb Whatsapp so, now you can send high-quality images through gb whatapp without losing their quality..
Notification:- if you wants that whatsapp message wouldn’t be pop up in your main screen so, you can disable that so, none notification will be pop up when someone send message to you in gb Whatsapp…
That’s the Last feature of gb whatsapp but least you can send blank message to your friends to makes fun with your friends or blank message notification will be pop up to your friends device so, when he/she checks up for the message he/she couldn’t see anything..
Gb whatsapp best for you if you want all the mentioned features there are many amazing features were left to mention you should have to check out by yourself.. gb Whatsapp is just awy from you so, if you want the gb whatapp so, grab it now that the latest version you wouldn’t be seen as problem relating to version update..
How to download gb Whatsapp apk.
Now we are going to the main thing about how to download gb whatsapp or how to install we will know it first we should have to know how to download gb whatapp.. To download gb Whatsapp you just have to follow the given instructions..
1) For downloading the gb Whatsapp you should have to click on the given link..

2) After clicking on the link your download will be starts after you should have to done that on the downloading Page..
(There are two download link if you choose link 1 or link 2 (fast download) just follow instructions carefully..
If you click on the link 1 then you will directly redirect to the downloading Page where you just have to click on the download link then your download Starts..
Or if you choose link 2 (fast download link) then it’s fast download link so, just know how to download from that..
After clicking on the link 2 you will redirect to the downloading page where you should have to click on cross sign to comes over that page now you just click on the three dots top of the right corner then just click on direct download or download Starts..
3) After your download will complete just click on the installation of gb Whatsapp..
How to install gb Whatsapp.
1) when you go for the install for gb Whatsapp there can be comes to allow ‘unknown source’ now your installation wiil be complete..
2) After the gb Whatsapp installed successful then just go for to open the gb Whatsapp to use the amazing features..
3) Now fills up the from to use your gb Whatsapp.. or go and makes more fun or use amazing features or some new cools features are also added.
Now you are avail to send big files which you couldn’t send through the Whatsapp but it possible through gb we know that you can’t send large file 16MB in gb Whatsapp you can send files upto 100MB so, you can clearly see the how big difference is there.. Now you can easily send Big files through gb whatsapp…
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Q. What’s the means of gb Whatsapp ?
Ans. It’s means that there are more features are there in gb whatapp..
Q. Is gb whatsapp works in iOS ?
Ans. Yes, it’s works as well as working in android
Q. Can we save image in internal storage through gb Whatsapp.
Ans. Yes, you ca save image in internal storage as you can..
Q. Can we download status in gb Whatsapp.
Ans. Yeah, you can download anyone status in gb Whatsapp in one click not need other apks for that feature..
At the conclusion of gb Whatsapp we can only say that gb Whatsapp is the other version of Whatsapp in which you more accessiblility to do.. or there are more features that are really amazing so, if you want more features or you are fatigued from the whatsapp then you should have to use gb whatsapp if perfect for you…


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