How to delete instagram account in Android or iOS 2021

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Delete instgram account

Is you are wanting to delete your instagram account due to any reasons by which you no more wanna be a part of the instagram community then you can able to delete instagram account permanently or temporarily both are available but if you go for permanent then further you wouldn’t be able to restarts your previous account because it was permanently disabled by the instagram upon your instruction. Now let’s look briefly the difference between permanent delete account or temporarily.

Delete instagram account permanently or temporarily

Permanent delete instagarm account

If you go for delete instagram account permanently then there is nothing would be left with instagram includes photos, video or username means in future there you wanna to reactivate your instagram account then you can’t do that because you did permanent not temporarily. That’s a brief definition of permanently delete now let’s look temporarily one.

Temporarily disabled instagram account

Is you getting any trouble or don’t wanna to use instagram account for sometimes not to be for long time then temporarily disable account is for you.

By temporarily disable instagram account indicate that further if you want to back again to join instagram then you can log from that account which you disabled temporarily.

Through it your photos, videos or username wouldn’t be vanished it keep safe for you whenever you come or log in instagram.

After disabling the instagram account none can seen your photos, video even your account will be hidden as you gone off it from the instagram for sometimes.

Now you are you understand the difference between the permanent delete account or temporarily what’s their functions.

Why you delete instagram account

That’s another query come why you want to delete your instagram account as instagram also ask you to when you go for delete accuont permanently, temporarily or later we will know how to delete instagram account or disable temporarily.

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Before making any decision there is a reason by which you have to done it. For delete instagram account there are numerous reasons can be occurs we just represents some basic or mostly reason before that.

• Getting unusual trouble with account
• Wanna to recreate another account or don’t want mess
• Looking ahead for something or haven’t focus upon it due to social media temporarily disabled it.
• Being pester with anonymous

After getting enough information as what you should go for permanent delete or temporarily if you didn’t know about it then it can be beneficial for you as wanna to shut down instagram for sometimes or didn’t know about the temporarily disable account you just saves to lost your account forever.

How to delete instagram account permanently

  1. Just click on it Delete Your account then you will redirect to the page where the account will be delete

2. If you hadn’t logged the first it will ask to login then there is drop-down menu seems check the appropriate reason before deleting instagram account.

instagram account delete

3. Now it ask to re-enter password again for the security purpose then it confirmed another page appear where you have to click on delete account permanently.

4. Finished! Your instagram account is shut down for permanently.

Note:- After deleting instagram account permanently you can access with the same username if none caught it.

How to delete instagram account temporarily

  1. Just open your instagram account on computer or in mobile browser
  2. Now click on your profile then go for edit profile
  3. By scrolling down you can find the term temporarily disable my account
  4. Another page appear where you can see a drop down menu in which you should have to pickup the appropriate reason before going off from instagram temporarily
  5. After that it ask for re-enter password just do it
  6. Now there you have to Click on temporarily disable account

Done, your instagram account is temporarily disabled none can able to see your account in instagram includes your photos or videos also hidden.

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