How to send email to more than one person 2021

send email to more than a person

Everyone knows how to send a email to a particular person but peoples don’t know how to send a email to a multiples at a same time.

Now a days email plays an important roles in many  working areas like schools, college, offices , Hospitals, MNCs etc.

Sending a email to a multiple peoples its very easy to send. You have follow only some simple steps through you are able to done that.

For sending a email usually peoples used a google’s  email but if you have to send a email more then a one person you have use a other email sender which have the ability to do that work.

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Sendinblue is a email sender provider that have ability to send bundles of email to a multiple peoples at a same time.

There are many multiple features available in it through you can send your emails whom you want.

let’s checkout the way by send emails.

Step 1 :- you have to visit a sendinblue website and make a account on it.

Step 2 :- there are shows plans on the website you have to choose free plans while go for login.

Step 3 :- after making a account on the sendinblue login in the account.

Step 4 :- after login into the account you have to go on your dashboard.

Step 5:- In the dashboard you see a ’email’  click on it.

Step 6 :-  clicking on the email new page pop up and there shown create my first email campaign click on it and start to make your first email.

Step 7:- you can choose a whom to send a emails and you can also import your email ids in it.

Step 8:- Now, there shows multiple features to make a email good and authentic you can use it and make your email best.

That’s the simplest way to send emails it’s saves your time which you put on to send mails not to worry that it’s free or paid that a free service for a limited emails in a day as 300/day or if you want to send more than that value you should have to checkout a paid plan which isn’t costly.

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