best screen recorder apps for Android 2021

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Screen Recorder for Android 2021

Being an smartphone users we have done up many smart things with it easily or now we have to like share things with our friends or family many times we want to share what we are doing on our smartphone display with the people and screen recording is going much popular nowadays but if you are android user or your smartphone runs on android 10 or the lower version then you haven’t get the in-built screen recorder. For that there we have comes up
with the 8 best screen recorder apps for android which have much advanced features that you want while you wanting to screen recording.

There are many smartphones brands knows the importance of screen recording that’s why you can seen in-built screen recorder in them such as xiaomi , realme , oppo oneplus. As at the time when google felt or realize about it then with the new android version they pulls up the in-built screen recorder for their users but it’s not the
sufficient features which the complete recorder should have therefore, here we having some best screen recorder apps for android.
Screen recorder that we selected up can be use for any purpose neither matters want to record the gameplay nor just record the screen.

What is Screen Recorder do ?

When we thought to use or get something first thing which comes in our mind that how it works or what the way of do. So as like that before getting the best screen recorder for Android there we should have to know much about the screen recorder.
In easiest way to explain the work of screen recorder that is as we captured the real-life motion in the cameras as like that screen recorder do it in same way. Screen recorder software records the activities ongoing on your screen.

Is Screen Recorder can harmful to you ?

That’s can be true if you used some untrusted screen recorder which isn’t developed by the trusted company or community. In the results of harm to you these software can steal your sensitive information which you used during usage of screen recorder. So, mostly it recommend that goes only for that software which is trusted as there we listed trusted screen recorder.

That’s why experts always says that Donwload any software from the trustful platform or if you search for Android then There is Google Play which always scan apps to found the harmful malware

If your device isn’t compatible to get Android 11 updates so, you can use Screen recorder which we’re taking or if you get Android 11 updates or not satisfied with the screen recorder so, you can either use of them.

Here we Go for Screen Recorders

1. XRecorder

2. Screen Recorder

3. AZ screen recorder

4. Adv screen recorder


6. Omlet arcade

7. V screen recorder

8. Vidma screen recorder

1. XRecorder

Represent XRecorder

XRecorder is best option for Screen recording. It offers many features that haven’t we gets in Many others so, that why we put it on first. XRecorder record videos in High Quality is you want or there are many features listed below.


• No watermark

• Record video limitless with root

• Auto orientation

• Record Audio both Microphone or internal audio (Android 10 required)

• Record video in 60FPS

• There are two modes

i) Normal mode :- Record video for any purpose.

ii) Performance :- That’s is for Gaming, record gameplay without laggy or smoothly.

• Webcam option available

• Record videos in Full HD (1080p)

• Brush option though you can highlight any thing on screen in real-time that enhances more to understand.

• A side window shortcut for makes easier or you can hide it too.Or there are some gestures to makes easier while recording.

2. Screen Recorder

For screen recorder

That’s is very easy to use or we cay say that is just one tap to start recording but isn’t that there are not sufficient features there are. It’s totally free to use there is No watermark would be seen in your recording or it’s ads free too. Gamera looks Firstly for the internal audio for their gameplay so, it’s here.


• No watermark

• No need to root

• Customise resolution of your video as you like

• Record Audio :- record microphone or internal audio both but Android 10 required for internal Audio.

• Record video upto in 120FPS it’s Makes more smoother your touches in video.

• Audio quality upto 320kbps

• Webcam available ( Front or rear camera both)

• Auto orientation

That is Best screen recorder for app for Android it’s just take (3.48MB) of your space or gives you so many features. Not to worry about its safe for your device or can harm it’s Fully safe there aren’t any harmful malware that can harmful to your device you can use it without any hesitation.

3. AZ screen recorder

AZ recorder

Another one best screen recorder app for Android it’s looks similar to XRecorder it interface, shortcut windows it alos allow you to record internal audio however it’s doesn’t works perfectly withstand some device which isn’t runs on Android 10.

Additional feature of AZ screen recorder that it’s comes in best screen recorder app list that is you can Go live on YouTube or Facebook through AZ screen recorder so, nice.


• No watermark

• No need to root

• Record video limitless

• Internal audio works only in Android 10 perhaps it also works in lower one so check it.

• Customise resolution

• Auto orientation

• Record video in 60FPS
• Add your text or logo in real-time recording
• Brush for highlights the area which you want in real-time
• Audio quality select options isn’t in AZ
• Go Live on YouTube or Facebook easily

Az screen recorder should needs pretty improvement but it’s work well for any kind of screen recording either for to share something of your screen or nice gameplay.

Let’s go ahead for the another best screen recorder apps.

4. Adv screen recorder

For best screen recorder

As we are taking about 6 best screen recorder app on that way another one is adv screen recorder most of you didn’t know about that app. It’s not so popular like the another one however it’s best screen recorder for all devices you ca easily Record your screen activities with adv screen recorder.

Also check :- Best video editing apps

Who wants to record their gameplay or want only the game Audi not the outside so, you can do that with or all the screen recorder listes can do that all of them have ability to record internal Audio.


• No watermark

• No need root

• Recorder limitless

• Record video in 60FPS

• Magic button for shortcut

• Auto orientation

• Recorder internal Audio (Android 10 or above required)

• Add text or logo on real-time recording

• Web cam either Front camera or rear camera

• Video bitrate upto 15Mbps

It’s Ui is very simple or elegant to use or that record video without any laggy or glitchy. Just one tap for recording.

5. Mobizen

Best screen recorder

Mobizen is most popular screen recorder app but I didn’t know why it’s popular it doesn’t have many features or features in mobizen doesn’t works properly. If you didn’t purchase the premium of mobizen it’s watermark seen o recording. It is in list because people like to use so, you try or review it.


• Watermark ( removed through premium)

• No root required

• Shortcut panel (Circe shape of mobizen)

• Record video in 720p last option

• Draw on recording in real-time

• Internal Audio

• Webcam

So, untill we caught 5 best screen recorder apps now there is another one left or it just an bonus screen recorder app most of people know about that but didn’t know that it can be use as screen recording let’s check it out.

6. Omlet arcade

Best screen recorder

Omlet arcade is most suitable software for you if you want to Go live do streaming on YouTube or others platform then omlet Arcade is finest app for do that.


• Go live on YouTube, facebook, Twitch or other support platform• Streaming games in High quality

• Record video

• Auto orientation

To access full features of omlet Arcade you should have purchase membership though you gets many authentic overlays for youe streaming or many features others.

Let’s move ahead for more best screen recorder apps.

7) V Screen Recorder

V screen recorder is another one best choice to record your screen activities in High quality with there you got many useful features through it makes more friendly with users.

By that recorder you can record your screen activities for any purpose as like if you want to give some instructions then there doodle on screen option is available.

Not that if you want to record your device internal Audio then it’s done with that recorder easily or let’s check all the highlights Features of V screen recorder.


• video quality up to 1440p (VIP required)
• Record internal Audio of device ( Android 10 or above required)
• Doodle anything on real-time of recording
• Authentic filters for making video amazing
• video orientation Potrait, landscape or Auto
• Watermark ( To Detach VIP required )
• Custom watermark (VIP required)

There you can see some features of V screen recorder or some features unlocked through purchasing VIP.

8) Vidma Screen Recorder

Vidma screen recorder isn’t a popular screen recording app otherwise Vidma offers many useful features that other offers after you pay something.

In Vidma there you gets also the features which is sufficient to record an screen activities with some tools or settings. That’s is totally free to use no need to purchase plans to unlock features. Some cool Features of Vidma screen recorder.


• No watermark
• Recorder upto 1080p
• Auto orientation with Manual Potrait or landscape
• Upto 60 FPS
• Facecam available
• Some useful gestures while recording
• Doodle on real-time recording
• Internal Audio supported ( Might be android 10 or above)


Now we are caught all the best screen recorder apps through you can record any activity of your screen shares with others. All listed screen have ability to record internal audio that more effective for who want to record their gameplay or didn’t want any others destructive voice in their videos.

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