OG WhatsApp Download Original 2021 | Latest Version (updated)

Being a whatsapp user you know that whatsapp is such a great messaging app through that you can message someone easily within the sec.. along with that there are many other useful features which is much loved by the users. But still be the users of the origianl whatsapp you may noticed there are some features should be. As that the developer from the third party just added the some useful features that we are lack in the origial whatsapp so, if you wanna to downlaod the OG WhatsApp then you are the right place there you get the latest version of the OG WhatsApp with the features you don’t know so, let’s checkout the featues or much more about the OG WhatsApp. Just go for OG WhatsApp Download

More About OG WhatsApp

OG whatsapp is the modded version of the origial whatsapp or it’s been modded by the third party developer not the officially by the whatsapp. OG WhatsApp brings more controls over the whatspp which isn’t in the original one. There are many intresting or many distinguised features such as scheduled message it’s really a staggering one you can sheduled a message for the specific time when you can’t message or there are many amazing features there are in the OG WhatsApp.

Now let’s put the light on the OG WhatsApp features

Status Downloader

In whatspp there we upload the status about as express our feeling through that to our family or friends in the original whatsapp there you can watch the status but can’t save it for the later or downlaod for that you have to take the help another appliction or the tool on the internet but in OG WhatsApp there you can download the status easily without the additional app or online tool. It a nice featues through save the someone status for later.

Call to non- contacted

In the original whatsapp there you can call only them who are in your handset phone contcat directory not other else. It has been doned by the OG WhatsApp that you can call them who aren’t in your contact directory. That a cool features through you can call anyone without saved it in the phone contact directory.


If you are thinking that Is you use the OG WhatsApp the modded version of the WhatsApp then you’ll be banned by the whatsapp then not it wouldnt’ be happend due to that the developer of the og whatsapp are solved problems for getting banned therefore, now you can use the OG WhatsApp without afriad to banned.

90+ Message Send

With the help of the og whatspp you can send 90+ images in a time means do more work without taking more time in it. In the original whatsapp there you can’t send enough images that’s is possible by the help of the og whatsapp so, just share what you want looking of the limit.

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Scheduled Message

In OG WhatsApp there you can schedule a specific time for sending a message that one of the highlited featues of the OG whatsapp or it’s really great just suppose there you have to send an important message to someone but not right now or you afraid what you forgot to send then it featues helps you lots. You just have to schedule a specific time for the sending the message to whom you want. With the help of the feature there you can say what ? you wanna to said at the right time.

Group Name Upto 35 Character

While you using the origial whatsapp there you can only set the group name only of 25 character through that sometimes you wouldn’t able to express your name what you wanna.

Other Features

In the OG whatspp there are many features that you haven’t get in the original whatsapp but get in the OG whatsapp there we just describe the few main features there are many minor changes you can see in the OG whatsapp such as theme color, background image or other featues like that just install the OG whatsapp or explore them by yourself.

How to download OG WhatsApp ?

To access all the incredible features of the og whatsapp you have to download it after that you can check all the steggring features there are few intrustion to download the OG WhatsApp.

  1. For downloading the OG whatspp ther you should have to click on the given link below.
  2. After clicking on the link it’s takes few seconds or the downloads will be start soon.
  3. Gotcha! OG whatsapp is sucessfully downlaoded.

How to install OG WhatsApp ?

  1. When the downlaoding of the of og whatsapp completed then just go for the installation.
  2. Click on the install button or installation process begin.
  3. It can be ask for the allow “unknown source” just approve it or the installation goes.
  4. BOOM! the OG whatsapp is successfully installed on your device.

Now you can able to access all the amazing features that you were read mentioned above.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Question )

Ques 1. Is OG whatsapp harmful for the device ?

Ans :- NO, it’s completely safe for the device it wouldn’t damage your device.

Ques 2. Is you can be banned if using the OG whatsapp ?

Ans:- NO, you wouldn’t be banned by the official whatsapp if you using the OG whatsapp.

Ques 3. Can be downlaod status in OG whatsapp ?

Ans :- Yes, you can download the status in OG whatsapp without the need of the another tool.

Ques 4. What OG Whatsapp means ?

Ans :- OG whatsapp means that there are some other advanced features in it.

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