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Looking ahead for the way through you can compress video without losing the actual quality of that video or wanna to compress the size of the video and if you are android users then its for you video compressor android apps. That’s really possible to compress the video size but as we compress the size of Video then a little bit of effects would be seen on the quality of video or it can’t possible to compress the video without loosing quality. As if you want to reduce the size of any video then it will effects on it’s quality but that a possible way through effects would be less or it seems that video quality doesn’t reduce.

Why we reduce the video size ?

As we compress the video size for many purpose as storage would full easily, send a video e-mail , or many purpose occurs according the needs of the users. To reduce the size of Video isn’t a bad Idea it helps you maintain your device storage through acquiring the less storage which results for faster works for device.

How can we compress video ?

There are many ways through you can compress video for Android to compress video there you can find many such tools online but these haven’t a good outcome as we seen. To Gets the quality outcome then there we are going to discuss best apps for Android . So we will discussing these apps compressing the video without losing the quality.

Here you’ll find the best apps for compress video It doesn’t matter that what’s the file size not to worry about it.

There are 5 best apps for Android to compress video without losing the quality it’s really such working apps. After compress video through these apps you wouldn’t be noticed more difference before let’s check out them.

1) Video compressor
2) Format factory
3) Video convertor pro
4) Video Compressor MP3
5) Smart Vid-Compressor

1) Video compressor

It’s the best app for compressing video in Android. Through that app you can compress any size of Video as much as want. It can reduce the maximum size of the video without getting much effects on the video quality.

As video compressor works well it’s also compress the video fastly or depends upon the size of the video file.


• Any resolution
• Fast conversion
• No paid content
• Big size file support


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That the finest app to done compressing the video file that can reduce the video file size upto 80% without loosing much quality of the video that makes its more finest app.

2) Format Factory

Format factory is listed as one of the best app to compress video in Android due to it’s work fast or Auto suggestions for compressing video. It’s Auto suggestion feature suggest the perfect size for the video in which it’s quality wouldn’t be effected.


• Auto suggestion
• Compress 80% video size
• Fast conversion
• Background conversion
• No advertisement


• 480p is last for free users (above it premium needed)
• Audio quality 128kbps (above premium need)
• No custom presets ( premium users can)

Although there if you want the Full access over the app you should have to go for purchasing it’s premium one otherwise it’s auto suggestion good option whereas video quality wouldn’t be loosen or file size upto 80% reduce.

3) Video converter pro

If you are also looking for an app through you can do compressing Videos, trim, reverse, Slow Mo then video converter Pro is the best choice for you. That’s a app that serves such amazing features but it’s quite costly $3.98 ( Rs.299).

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Compressing Video through that app really outstanding which means it reduces the video size without much loosing the quality of the video. There you can reduce file size upto 80% that effects would be seen in tge video quality


• Video Compressor
• Video reverser
• Slow Mo video
• Background work
• Fast conversion
• Video to Audio converter


• No such cons found yet

4) Video compressor MP3

video compressor

hat app Compress video upto 90% without loosing the quality of the video. We can say that if there is a video in 1080p resolution then it converts it into 480p.

Through that app it’s easy to compress video as like the other apps but that app is listed due to it’s working quality means compressing of video dines up easily by that app as its also have a feature of auto recommendations ( suggestion) by which it’s suggested the best resolution.


• Upto 90% reduce size
• All video format supported
• Background conversion
• Large file Also compress


• Slow conversion

Now there we are for the last app for video compressor android after that here you can caught the best one for you by which compress any video neither matters it’s format nor size just compress the video for any kind of purpose.

5) Smart vid-compressor

video compressor for android

Smart video compressor is the emerging app to compress video it’s liked by the peoples due to it’s features or it takes less time to compress the video there you can compress upto 100% size of the video file but after that it will lost it quality very much so it’s just for knowledge that it can compress upto Hundred percent

Video compress with smart vid-Compressor at the compatible resolution then it can compress the video without loosen the much quality.


• Fast conversion
• Compress upto Hundred percent
• All video format supported
• Large files also


• A slightly awkward interface
• Compressed video too much

At last we caught all the best video compressor android apps yet or both the apps are works well it’s depends upon you which one you like list is generated in the way of decrease function.

Now not to worry about to compress any format of video if you are a android user then these all apps are for you as we mentioned before these Video Compressor Android apps.

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